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the grange spatula



What is the Spatula?


Fed up with the hypocracys of the Shied, and it's lack of defences, a group of disbanders decided to make a new trophy to defend their honour, and for about 5 minutes it was cool...but they still wanted that fucken Shied. The Spatula will never be held in as high regard as the Shied, but it is definitly a prized possesion. Handcrafted from the finest woods, this Spatula is used to scrape the crem-de-la-crem from the lower ranks of the Shied, and hold them in somewhat of a god-like fashion amongst their friends. Where did this Spatula surface from? Some might say that it was a quick fix to solve a 'we can't win the Shied' problem, but those people haven't yet tasted an epic battle of braun and brains on their way to neighbourhood stardom. Who would have known the day that P.I. Henry crafted this Spatula in a woodwork class that it would be what it is today.

Who is the Spatula?




S.P. Mazey


S.P. Mazey came from nowhere to beat all competitors in the first spatula outing. On the way to the finals he had to beat his girlfriends own brothers, and in the final he had to beat his own girlfriend. Pity those Henry's suck! Just how long will Mazey hold the championship: nobody knows, but one thing is for sure...he was always the first!

Title History

S.P. Mazey
R.C. Henry
Grange Street, Opawa

Detailed History



Date:                     9th of January, 2006


Location:               Henry residence, Grange Street, Opawa


Spatula:                 Vacant


Challenge:             MSN Minesweeper Knock-out Competition


Quarter Finals:         R.C. Henry defeated D.C. Aitchison

                             L.J. Montigu defeated A. Vette
                             P.I. Henry defeated L. Fifield

                             S.P. Mazey defeated D.B. Henry

Semi Finals:              R.C. Henry defeated L.J. Montigu

                             S.P. Mazey defeated P.I. Henry       


Final:                     S.P. Mazey defeated R.C. Henry to win the spatula.


Specifics:               This was S.P. Mazey’s first spatula win.